Friday, April 23, 2010


We signed Tyler up for soccer this year. I love watching those little ones play their hearts out. Tyler scored a goal on his very 1st game.
Unfortunately, it was for the other team. Better luck next time I say.
He seems to really enjoy playing and his skills are coming along. Hopefully he will grasp the concept of running, kicking and chasing the ball to be able to pass to his team mates and score in the correct goal.
He has a fantastic coach that really tries hard to work with the boys.

Warm up before the game

trying that fancy foot work, still needs a little practice

Set for kick-off

running down the field

Look at my shin guards

Coach Ron, Tyler and Cale

setting up for kick-off again

half time pep talk

waiting for kick-off

HOORAY for the team. Great game boys!

Spring SNOW!

Gotta love spring time in Colorado!


Here are a few pictures from the past week.

Chocolate Face......she loves her chocolate donut, especially for breakfast.
Aren't I the best mom to let them have whatever they want.

This is Katie saying "CHEESE"

These are my 2 very handsome boys heading to church.
Oh how I love these men!

Mesa Arizona Temple

Mesa Arizona Temple