Saturday, January 29, 2011


Besides His Son, I think Heavenly Father gave us the greatest gift, the gift of children. We are told in the scriptures to become as a little child. Children are innocent, sweet, kind, forgiving, loving, generous and so dang honest. If we could be like that all the time, our lives would be so greatly blessed. Kids are also very funny! They say the they funniest things and do the funniest things. I wonder where they learn all these things from.
Take for instance Katie. She has a very strong personality. She is very independent, loving and kind. She also has a mean streak in her. She can make Tyler yell at the drop of a hat.
The other day I was playing the Wii and Katie was cheering me on. She had asked for some runts so I gave them to her. When I turned around this is what I found.

Seriously, where does the girl come up with these things. I NEVER put anything in my nose like that. No french fries nothing. I don't think Brad has either but I could be wrong. Funny little girl. If you look at her hair closely, you can see where she cut her own hair. Luckily I hadn't combed it yet otherwise she would be bald. I walked into the kitchen from the living room, about 10 steps and there was hair everywhere. Right down the center she just cut cut cut. I wished I would have gotten a picture of it but I didn't.

So back to what I was talking about...children are innocent, precious and an heritage to the Lord. I love this picture of Tyler and Katie. Tyler was cold so Brad turned on the fire place. I love when Tyler and Katie are getting along and not fighting. Look at that boys smile. You can't help but smile when you see his face.

I know this post is all jumbly but it was just a few thoughts I had.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

We ask for prayers

This sweet family, The Aaron Goss Family, are in need of a lot of prayers.
Their sweet baby Abagail who is 19 months old was just diagnosed with stage 4, high-risk cancer called Neuroblastoma. You can read about her story and progress here:

You need to type in familiesforever to create your own login page to read the story.

These are dear friends of ours from our old stomping grounds in Arizona.
We love them and wish them well, especially sweet Abagail. They are the most amazing family I have ever met in my life. Please pray for them.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Christmas break

I love being in Arizona in the winter time. I love that the weather is warm, there is NO snow and you don't need to wear a jacket. I think my kids really loved it too.
My cousins own this fantastic looking truck. They were kind enough to let us play around on it a bit. I absolutely LOVE the colors of this mack truck. I think my kiddos were made for the country life, especially Tyler. He loves to be outside every chance he gets. And to be where he can throw rocks, play in the dirt, climb around trucks and tractors....he LOVED it!

My dad was a cotton farmer up until he retired a few years ago. That module of cotton is worth a couple of thousand dollars. Tyler and Katie loved being able to experience the farming life.

Back over at the barn, we took advantage of the cloudy sky and wandered around and took a few pictures. My dad gave Tyler a couple of cotton-picker spindles and Tyler thought he was in HEAVEN!

This is my favorite picture. Tyler and Katie with their grandparents. I hope to be able to get a picture with Tyler and Katie and Brad's parents. I really want my kids to know who their grandparents are and learn from some of their experiences. I loved hanging out with my grandparents. They really played an important role in my life. I really miss them.

These next few pictures were taken Sunday morning before church. Katie is a little ham.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I know we did.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Morning!

Christmas morning came late this year! My bedroom at my parents house is in the basement. There are no windows so if the door is closed you don't know if it is night or day. Tyler and Katie didn't get up until 9 o'clock. It was nice to be able to sleep in. We didn't buy them a lot of toys this year because they have everything already and really don't need more. I think they really liked what they got considering they are still playing with them.

Making their way up stairs.

Katie and her baby doll and stroller.
She loves that stroller. She wants to sit in it herself and be pushed around.

The cowboy and the princess

Yeah! Panties for potty training.....wish us luck.

We had a great Christmas! It was nice to be able to spend it with family and in nice warm weather.


For Christmas Tyler became a cowboy! He wanted to be just like his Grandpa Clonts. Santa was really nice to Tyler this year. He got a cowboy hat, shirt, wranglers and of course cowboy boots. He looks so dang cute in them. He wants to wear them all the time, unfortunately in the snow, that isn't going to happen.

My two favorite cowboys.

Cowboy Tyler

The infamous barn and tractor where everyone takes pictures in Safford. Luckily for us, we own it and don't have to TRESPASS!

Mesa Arizona Temple

Mesa Arizona Temple