Thursday, June 25, 2009

Colorado Springs Museum

We went back to the museum tonight with the Fosters. By the time we got there it was really too dark to take pictures but we tried anyway. Most of the pictures were taken by Brad so he deserves most of the credit. I think he has a great eye for photography.


The monument behind the building. I really thought this was cool.

When I saw the statue, I thought it would be fun to have the kids pose the same almost worked.

B was not very happy in this picture

Believe it or not is was about 9pm when Brad took this picture.
I think it is AMAZING!

I thought Dave took this picture but Brad said he did. Again, another great picture.

Katie's 1st time climbing stairs. She did a great job.
Look at those BLUE EYES!

Cool Picture

I thought this was a really cool picture. My sister in law took this when Tyler was 20 months old so it was a while ago. I LOVE IT!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

playing around

I have been playing with PS a little trying to figure everything out. This has been a lot of fun.
The photos are before and after.

Full photo, cropped w/ black and white added

Full photo, black & white the background

Full photo, color enhanced

Full photo, color enhanced. not much difference in this photo.

I am still learning and i am sure it will take a while but i am having fun in the meantime.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Learning how

I am trying to learn how to take pictures. I just got a new lens and went experimenting with it today. I am posting some pictures that I thought were decent....let me know what you think.
None of them have been touched up yet so take that into consideration.

My cute little man.

I think they are adorable.

She loves her hands.

Brad took this one. I know it is the best.

She is learning how to walk.

The city museum.

So any comments would help. Be as harsh as you need to because I seriously don't know what I am doing.
Here is my question....looking at the pictures they look in focus, but when you enlarge them, they are blurry or a lot of do you fix that problem???

Friday, June 19, 2009

After Testing

We went to Children's Hospital in Aurora this morning for Katie's bubble echo. The results are her heart looks fine. While she was under sedation, her oxygen level was in the high 90's. We are so very thankful for these results. However, if her oxygen doesn't stay in the 90's, we are back at square one. We will just keep praying for her that she continues to feel well.
Thank you so much for your prayers and concerns. We really appreciate them.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So our little princess Katie is still on oxygen. She oxygen levels are up and down. We have an appointment on Friday to have a bubble echocardiogram. Because Katie is so small and she will need an IV, they will sedate her and take a look at her heart. The Pulmonologist thinks with her oxygen level up and down there may be a problem with her heart so he is looking to hopefully rule that out. She is over her cold which is definitely a plus and she seems fine but machines say otherwise. Only time will tell. I am praying we get good results and this is just a carry over from her cold and nothing more serious.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

1 yr pictures

Here are Katie's 1 year pictures. They turned out okay considering she would not smile. We had to work and work to get her to smile.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Katie's SICK

Yesterday I decided to take Katie to the doctor. She had been coughing since Sunday or Monday. Before we left I checked her oxygen level and it was at 80. I wasn't alarmed because she was sleeping and I know it drops when you sleep. When we got to the doctor 15 minutes later, it was about 76. They couldn't get a good reading on her. They decided to do a breathing treatment which didn't help. Then a chest x-ray.....inconclusive. Another breathing treatment.....still didn't help and her saturation level was still in the 70's. So the PA had a DR exam her and decided we needed to go to the hospital and admit Katie. Poor little girl. BACK ON OXYGEN. So Brad and I took her to the hospital and her room was ready when we got there. They gave her another breathing treatment and she finally quit coughing. She was on .5 liters of oxygen. I couldn't believe it. Brad left to get Tyler and Katie and I were in for the long haul. Around midnight I had decided it was useless for us to be there. The staff was great unfortunately they were not doing anything that we couldn't do at home. (little side note, on Monday all of the oxygen equipment was picked up from our house from when Katie was originally on O2).
So we hung out for the night and they tried to get her off oxygen. Unfortunately the lowest they could go was .25 liters before her O2 level would drop to about 82.
This morning, after Brad dropped Tyler off at our great friends the FOSTERS, I got a phone call saying Tyler was throwing up. What else could go wrong????? Brad was in training, I couldn't leave Katie at the hospital by herself so.......I called Brad and told him he had to pick up Tyler because we didn't want to get the other kids sick (I'm really SORRY if they get sick). By this time I was at wits end. I said a quick prayer looking for guidance. After a few minutes it came to me, call Karren my sister-in-law. So I called her and begged for a favor for her to watch Tyler today and she said she would. She met Brad half way and he was able to go back to work to his training class, and Tyler luckily felt better the rest of the day and had a great time at the CLONTS CLAN! THANK YOU SO MUCH KARREN!!!!!
So back to Katie, I talked to our nurse saying I thought we needed to go home because I could do everything they were doing for Katie we just needed O2 for home. He was very reluctant but said we would talk to the DR when he came for rounds. Around 1 o'clock, our pediatrician came in. I was so glad to see him. I asked if we could leave and he said we could because we were EXPERIENCED parents because of what Tyler and Katie had been through. It was music to my ears. I couldn't wait to get out of there. About an hour and 1/2 later we were on our way to pick up Tyler. I have never been so happy to be home.
As for Katie, she has a cold and it restricted the bronchioles which made her O2 level drop. She will be on O2 until she gets over her cough and cold, maybe 2 weeks. He said there is a chance everytime she gets a cold she might need to go back on O2. I hope she gets better soon.

Katie receiving a breathing treatment. Doesn't she look sad.

Her new "CAGE". They want to make sure those babies
don't get out.
How do you like the green walls????

Finally sleeping.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

we're all sick

it really stinks when not only the kids are sick but mom is sick too. they unfortunately get to sit in front of the tv all day long. i feel really bad but i just haven't been up to reading, crafts, going for walks or to the library. hopefully we will all feel better soon and be able to enjoy the beautiful weather we are having. we can blame this all on tyler because he is the one that started with a fever and cough and seemed to give it to the rest of us except for brad.....lucky brad. he gets to work away from the sickness and then come home to no i rambling. i think it is the stuffy nose.
hope everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


What a wonderful two weeks we have had. We had the opportunity to have my parents come and visit us and then the kids and I drove to Arizona to spend some time at "home". My little boy Tyler loves his Grandpa Clonts. He always talks about him and can't wait to see him. It is a priceless treasure to see them together and to see the joy in his eyes.
While my parents were here, we went to the zoo, to the Denver Museum of Natural Science, to Royal Gorge and just hung out with each other. I really enjoyed having them stay with us.
I was sad to leave Brad to go to Arizona, but so excited to be home, luckily for me Brad was able to join us on Friday so we didn't have to be apart very long.
While we were in Arizona, we went swimming at my parents, the 1st swim of the season, I made a bag, Thanks EMILY for your help. I could have never done it without you. We went to a D-backs game against the BRAVES...GO BRAVES, which the BRAVES happen to win. It was a great night! We got to hang out with some of our wonderful friends who we haven't seen since we left. Sherri and Travis thanks so much for lunch and coming swimming with us. We had a great time and I know Tyler loved seeing Austin. He still asks if we can go to Austin's house everyday. Jason and Kristin, thanks for going to the game with us. We had a great time catching up. We will have to do it again next year when the BRAVES come to town. Nancy I can't believe how big Nathaniel is getting. Good luck on your next DR visit. I hope you get great results and he comes home trach free. Kim at work, it was so good to see you. I do miss working, but I wouldn't give up being a mom for the world. I LOVE BEING HOME WITH MY KIDS! Yes, even on the very trying days.
All in all we had a great time! We can't wait to see everyone again in August. Tyler is scheduled for a scar revision where his trach was. We look forward to seeing many many more friends as we will be there longer.

Katie and I at Royal Gorge

Brad and Tyler on the carousel

This baby bison was born right when we got to the park at Royal Gorge.

Tyler on our trip to AZ

Tyler and his Grandpa Clonts

Okay the only reason this picture is in here is because this hi-chair is roughly 49 years old.
It has gone through all 6 siblings of mine, and all 21 grandkids. They don't build them like that anymore.

Katie pulling her train.

The things kids play with....why do we buy toys?

1st swim at Clonts' home

My cute nieces

Tyler couldn't wait to go swimming at grandma's

The bag I made. AMAZING I know.


Jason, me and Kristin

AZ Science Center. They have tons of was really cool!

Brad and Tyler at AZSC

Tyler and Katie waiting to go swimming

Katie's 1st swim. She did great! I think she will be a little fish.

Tyler's best friend Austin.
On the way to AZ Tyler said
"Mom, I don't want to live in Colorado anymore. I want to live in AZ. Austin is my best friend and so is Payton my best friend."
All Tyler could talk about was Austin. He couldn't wait to see him and they had a great time together.
One last thing, Katie said her first word....
I was so excited!, and she has 4 teeth.

Mesa Arizona Temple

Mesa Arizona Temple