Thursday, June 11, 2009

Katie's SICK

Yesterday I decided to take Katie to the doctor. She had been coughing since Sunday or Monday. Before we left I checked her oxygen level and it was at 80. I wasn't alarmed because she was sleeping and I know it drops when you sleep. When we got to the doctor 15 minutes later, it was about 76. They couldn't get a good reading on her. They decided to do a breathing treatment which didn't help. Then a chest x-ray.....inconclusive. Another breathing treatment.....still didn't help and her saturation level was still in the 70's. So the PA had a DR exam her and decided we needed to go to the hospital and admit Katie. Poor little girl. BACK ON OXYGEN. So Brad and I took her to the hospital and her room was ready when we got there. They gave her another breathing treatment and she finally quit coughing. She was on .5 liters of oxygen. I couldn't believe it. Brad left to get Tyler and Katie and I were in for the long haul. Around midnight I had decided it was useless for us to be there. The staff was great unfortunately they were not doing anything that we couldn't do at home. (little side note, on Monday all of the oxygen equipment was picked up from our house from when Katie was originally on O2).
So we hung out for the night and they tried to get her off oxygen. Unfortunately the lowest they could go was .25 liters before her O2 level would drop to about 82.
This morning, after Brad dropped Tyler off at our great friends the FOSTERS, I got a phone call saying Tyler was throwing up. What else could go wrong????? Brad was in training, I couldn't leave Katie at the hospital by herself so.......I called Brad and told him he had to pick up Tyler because we didn't want to get the other kids sick (I'm really SORRY if they get sick). By this time I was at wits end. I said a quick prayer looking for guidance. After a few minutes it came to me, call Karren my sister-in-law. So I called her and begged for a favor for her to watch Tyler today and she said she would. She met Brad half way and he was able to go back to work to his training class, and Tyler luckily felt better the rest of the day and had a great time at the CLONTS CLAN! THANK YOU SO MUCH KARREN!!!!!
So back to Katie, I talked to our nurse saying I thought we needed to go home because I could do everything they were doing for Katie we just needed O2 for home. He was very reluctant but said we would talk to the DR when he came for rounds. Around 1 o'clock, our pediatrician came in. I was so glad to see him. I asked if we could leave and he said we could because we were EXPERIENCED parents because of what Tyler and Katie had been through. It was music to my ears. I couldn't wait to get out of there. About an hour and 1/2 later we were on our way to pick up Tyler. I have never been so happy to be home.
As for Katie, she has a cold and it restricted the bronchioles which made her O2 level drop. She will be on O2 until she gets over her cough and cold, maybe 2 weeks. He said there is a chance everytime she gets a cold she might need to go back on O2. I hope she gets better soon.

Katie receiving a breathing treatment. Doesn't she look sad.

Her new "CAGE". They want to make sure those babies
don't get out.
How do you like the green walls????

Finally sleeping.


Marni said...

Trish! I am so sorry to hear about sweet Katie! She looks so sad in those pictures. Give her a big hug and kiss from us in Arizona. I thought when summer gets here, people don't get colds... wrong! We have all had the runny noses and sore thoats too. CRAPPY! I will say an extra prayer for your cute family!

Carley Jo said...

OH! how much more do you guys need? oh, i feel so bad for you, tyler, katie and brad too! please get better katie, for me! (you know, i still think it's just homesickness:) you'll be in our prayers. love you tons!

sheralyn said...

poor baby girl! you get through rsv season and THEN the kiddos get sick! hope they're feeling better least you're home now :) i'll be thinking of you!

Ashlie n Jonathan said...

Oh Tricia! I am so so sorry. Wow. I can't imagine going through that. I know you are "experienced" but it still can't be easy or fun. Knock on the fattest piece of wood, (I hate to even say it) but my children haven't been through a hospital visit and I think I would be a WRECK. Experienced parents like you would think I was NUTS. My heart goes out to you for so many reasons. I hope you are all feeling better SOOOON!

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