Tuesday, June 9, 2009

we're all sick

it really stinks when not only the kids are sick but mom is sick too. they unfortunately get to sit in front of the tv all day long. i feel really bad but i just haven't been up to reading, crafts, going for walks or to the library. hopefully we will all feel better soon and be able to enjoy the beautiful weather we are having. we can blame this all on tyler because he is the one that started with a fever and cough and seemed to give it to the rest of us except for brad.....lucky brad. he gets to work away from the sickness and then come home to no dinner....am i rambling. i think it is the stuffy nose.
hope everyone has a great day!


sheralyn said...

oh no!! feel better soon...all 3 of you!!

Carley Jo said...

you poor people! darn tyler... :) FEEL BETTER!!

Ali said...

:) it's no fun being sick- both of my kids have a cough this week now- so we've been sitting inside all day too- boring! hopefully you guys get feeling better.

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