Tuesday, June 2, 2009


What a wonderful two weeks we have had. We had the opportunity to have my parents come and visit us and then the kids and I drove to Arizona to spend some time at "home". My little boy Tyler loves his Grandpa Clonts. He always talks about him and can't wait to see him. It is a priceless treasure to see them together and to see the joy in his eyes.
While my parents were here, we went to the zoo, to the Denver Museum of Natural Science, to Royal Gorge and just hung out with each other. I really enjoyed having them stay with us.
I was sad to leave Brad to go to Arizona, but so excited to be home, luckily for me Brad was able to join us on Friday so we didn't have to be apart very long.
While we were in Arizona, we went swimming at my parents, the 1st swim of the season, I made a bag, Thanks EMILY for your help. I could have never done it without you. We went to a D-backs game against the BRAVES...GO BRAVES, which the BRAVES happen to win. It was a great night! We got to hang out with some of our wonderful friends who we haven't seen since we left. Sherri and Travis thanks so much for lunch and coming swimming with us. We had a great time and I know Tyler loved seeing Austin. He still asks if we can go to Austin's house everyday. Jason and Kristin, thanks for going to the game with us. We had a great time catching up. We will have to do it again next year when the BRAVES come to town. Nancy I can't believe how big Nathaniel is getting. Good luck on your next DR visit. I hope you get great results and he comes home trach free. Kim at work, it was so good to see you. I do miss working, but I wouldn't give up being a mom for the world. I LOVE BEING HOME WITH MY KIDS! Yes, even on the very trying days.
All in all we had a great time! We can't wait to see everyone again in August. Tyler is scheduled for a scar revision where his trach was. We look forward to seeing many many more friends as we will be there longer.

Katie and I at Royal Gorge

Brad and Tyler on the carousel

This baby bison was born right when we got to the park at Royal Gorge.

Tyler on our trip to AZ

Tyler and his Grandpa Clonts

Okay the only reason this picture is in here is because this hi-chair is roughly 49 years old.
It has gone through all 6 siblings of mine, and all 21 grandkids. They don't build them like that anymore.

Katie pulling her train.

The things kids play with....why do we buy toys?

1st swim at Clonts' home

My cute nieces

Tyler couldn't wait to go swimming at grandma's

The bag I made. AMAZING I know.


Jason, me and Kristin

AZ Science Center. They have tons of legos...it was really cool!

Brad and Tyler at AZSC

Tyler and Katie waiting to go swimming

Katie's 1st swim. She did great! I think she will be a little fish.

Tyler's best friend Austin.
On the way to AZ Tyler said
"Mom, I don't want to live in Colorado anymore. I want to live in AZ. Austin is my best friend and so is Payton my best friend."
All Tyler could talk about was Austin. He couldn't wait to see him and they had a great time together.
One last thing, Katie said her first word....
I was so excited!, and she has 4 teeth.


Just K said...

Thanks for the game, we had fun with you guys! I can't believe how tall Tyler is. He must have had a growth spurt after you left. Katie is super cute, it looks like she is standing now? Time goes by so quickly. Congrats on the first word, I personally feel that all children should say "mama" first.

Carley Jo said...

That is sooo exciting! It was so fun to babysit those cuties and see how much they've grown. I hope you had a good time and a safe flight back. We love you!!!

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