Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tribute to my MOM

I love my Mom!
She is the best example in the world to me. She is a perfect example
of Christ like LOVE and is always serving others.
My mom is kind, loving, generous, list could go on forever.
She has ALWAYS been there for me, no matter what the circumstances are.

mom & me in 1985

general conference weekend 2001

my wedding day 2003

she loves my husband as if he were her own son, 2003

she has been there for me through difficult and trying times,
Tyler 2005

more difficult times, Katie 2008

she loves tyler, her grandson

she loves katie, her granddaughter

this is the family her and my dad have created

I cannot express in words how I feel about my mom, except to say
Thank you for all you have taught me, given me, been the great example to me,
shared your testimony with me, and always loved me.
We hope you have a very

Trish, Brad, Tyler and Katie

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