Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!
We are so thankful for this time of year to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. We hope this finds you well.

We have had a great year and have enjoyed spending time together.

Brad continues to work at Progressive Insurance in the IT department. He continues to improve his skills programming skills. At church, Brad is serving in the primary with the 9 year olds. He loves his calling and is doing a fantastic job. He is able to occasionally get in a golf or racquetball game. His dad and brother were able to visit us this year in Colorado and spent 3 days golfing. Every boys dream.

I have had a busy year. I continue to take pictures and have enjoyed every photo shoot. I was able to take a photography class and I loved it. I have also started teaching preschool this year. It is going really well and I would love to continue teaching.

Tyler is 6 this year, in Kindergarten and doing really well. He is improving his hand writing skills and his reading is coming along nicely. In November, he finished his 5th soccer season. He finally scored a goal and was the happiest boy you have ever seen. He also played t-ball this year and did fairly well considering he has never played before. He also took his first leap off of grandma and grandpa's diving board. He loved it!
Tyler is a great help around the house and he loves to make Katie laugh. When the two get together they continue to laugh on a continuous basis. He has the best smile in the world.

Katie is 3 and continues to amaze me everyday. She is a little mama in training. She loves to help around the house, she loves to color and draw. Most days you will find her with markers and paper in hand. Katie knows her alphabet and I think she will be reading before she starts Kindergarten. She loves to learn and read books. If I would read to her all day, she would let me. Katie loves to swim. She was so brave as she climbed the ladder to the big slide at the pool. She tried many times but didn't have the courage to go down. One day she had enough courage and took the plunge. She loved it from then on. She also went off the diving board. She continues to ask when she can go swimming again.

We were lucky enough to have a few visitors this year. Grandma and grandpa Clonts, Grandpa Bastian, Uncle Reed and the Lindsey family. We welcome all who would love to visit.

We hope everyone has had a great year.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

101 update

Here is an update on my 101 list. I still have a long way to go but I feel I can accomplish this list, at least most of it. I am really excited to really push forward this next year. In Young Women's for one of our activities we are going to be talking about goals and I get to share my 101 list with the girls and talk about how to set and accomplish goals.

1. Go to Disneyland
2. See the Braves play in Atlanta (5-12-2011)
3. Take pictures of all the temple in Utah (that are currently built 13) (2 completed)
4. Design a new business card (10-12-2010)
5. 1 photo shoot weekly for 6 consecutive weeks
6. Fit into wedding dress
7. Attend General Conference
8. Sell temple prints
9. 52 consecutive weeks w/ different theme, post picture weekly on blog
10. Attend the temple everyday for one week (tue-sat)
11. Visit a temple I have never been to...Columbus Ohio Temple 10/2010
12. Earn enough money from photo shoots to buy a full frame camera
13. Take a photography class (5-11)
14. Learn or improve 5 new photography skills White Balance, DOF
15. Read standard works: Old, New, BOM, D&C, PGP (completed BOM 2x, completed PGP)
16. Stop biting finger nails (10-11)
17. Buy a home
18. Cook dinner every night for 30 days
19. Run 5k
20. Go back to school
21. Create a March of Dimes team
22. Go to education week or women's conference
23. Weekly outing with Tyler and Katie for 2 months, then continue
24. Memorize The Family Proclamation
25. Memorize The Living Christ
26. Hold Family Home Evening for 2 consecutive months
27. Kiss Brad every day for 15 seconds for 2 consecutive months
28. Read 5 church books within 10 months
29. Quiet time with Brad for 30 minutes; no kids, no TV, no phone. 3 months daily
30. Bridal shoot or wedding (wedding in April or May)
31. Read entire conference issue for November and May
32. One night a week no TV from 6pm to bed 2 months 12-11
33. Morning scripture study before getting on the computer for 2 months
34. Write in my journal weekly for 3 months
35. Make 100 baby blankets for the NICU
36. Design another website for photography (10-11)
37. Save 10% from every photo shoot
38. Read from Book of Mormon every morning with Tyler before he goes to school. 3 months
Have family scripture study daily, 1 month then continue 1/2011
39. Pay off credit cards
40. Host a game night
41. Visit 3 states I have never been to before (Montana, Wyoming, Georgia, Ohio) 10/2010
42. No fast food for a month 1/2011
43. Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day with Brad, NO KIDS
44. Visit 5 different museums (visited 2)
45. Encourage someone else to start a 101 list 11/2010
46. Complete a 1000+ piece puzzle by myself
47. Visit 3 national parks (Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, ...)
48. Attend an outdoor concert
49. Donate blood at least 3 times
50. Friday night date night for 2 months
51. Kiss in the rain
53. Go golfing with Brad
54. Finish Tyler and Katie's 1st year scrapbook
55. Donate $5 for PEF for every goal I do not complete
56. Invite a new family once a week to dinner for 2 months
57. Climb the incline with Brad
58. Make a new quilt for my bed
59. Finish Tyler's bed spread (10-11)
60. Make a bed spread for Katie's bed
61. Volunteer at Tyler's school once a week for 2 months 12/2010
62. One week, do not go grocery shopping for food and live off food storage
63. Start riding my bike again
64. Learn to bottle applesauce
65. Identify 100 things that make me happy
66. Plan a 6 month dinner calendar 1/2011
67. Make a "bucket list" of 20 things or places I would like to do or visit, be specific
68. Learn to make homemade bread
69. Get a couples massage
70. Floss every day for one month (Nov 2, 2010)
71. Go on a picnic with my family
72. Do 50 consecutive push-ups ( (I can't even do one now)
73. Go on a girls weekend trip
74. Blog at least once a week on family blog for 3 months
75. Start a new family tradition 11-2011 Thanksgiving Tree
76. Take a photo of 26 things, one for each letter of the alphabet and post on my photography blog
77. Go horseback riding as a family
78. Learn to identify 10 constellations
79. Memorize 25 scriptures
80. Try zumba 12/2010
81. Put together a family tree with as many pictures as possible 4 generations
82. Take a picture of my kids with their grandparents and great grandparent
83. Do the 200 sit-up challenge (
84. Become an organ donor
85. Post on DPS for 3 months, every challenge
86. Go to bed every weeknight at 10 for a month
87. Potty train Katie (08/2011)
88. Make a portfolio
89. Take a random road trip with Brad, we could try spontaneously, but we have kids
90. Watch a movie with Brad in the country
91. Have a big 4th of July celebration party (Brad's favorite holiday)
92. Milk a cow
93. Take a trip to Texas with my mom to find more genealogy
94. Go whale watching
95. Write 101 love notes for Brad 2/14/2011
96. Pay for someone's meal who is behind me in the drive thru (9/2011)
97. Serve 10 people in a month, random acts of kindness
98. Read 15 minutes with Tyler and Katie daily, 1 month then continue
99. Write a letter to self on 1st day of challenge to be read on last day of challenge. Letter should include how I am feeling about self, goals, and where I am spiritually. Also relationship with Brad. (10-2-2010)
100. Write another 101 in 1001 if I enjoy this challenge
101. Move back to Arizona! (really a wish)

Wow I have A LOT to do.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tyler's 1st tooth

A couple of weeks ago I took the kids to the dentist for their 6 month check up. I was completely shocked when they told me Tyler had 2 lose teeth. He had been telling me they were lose but I never saw them move.

Monday night Tyler's 1st tooth came out. He came in from brushing his teeth with a mouth full of blood. I couldn't believe he had pulled his tooth out on his own. He was so excited. So we rinsed his mouth until it quit bleeding.

Katie was so disappointed that she hadn't lost a tooth. She was really sad.

We told Tyler to put his tooth under his pillow so the tooth fairy could come. Luckily he put it in a plastic bag because it is the tiniest tooth I have ever seen. So we took his tooth, put money in his bag and went about our business. This morning when Tyler woke up, he was the saddest boy in the world. He didn't want money, he wanted his tooth. So when he got home from school, he went straight to his room and was so happy because his tooth was back, along with the money. He thinks he is so big now.

Tyler has already lost his tooth. We can't find it anywhere. With it being so small, I don't know if we will ever find it. He was hoping the tooth fairy would put it back under his pillow. He kept checking every couple of hours. Sad boy.

Mesa Arizona Temple

Mesa Arizona Temple