Friday, May 7, 2010


I'm not really sure what I want to write. A friends little boy passed away yesterday. He was 1 years old and the cutest little boy you have ever seen. My heart aches for their loss but also rejoices because they are an eternal family. They will have the opportunity to raise their little boy in the next life.

I have done a lot of reflecting upon my life today and wondered what I would do, or how would I feel if something happened to Tyler, Katie or Brad. How would I handle the situation? I think back to when Tyler was born and how critical the situation was. I was very sick and when Tyler was born he needed chest compressions and to be bagged. He needed to be revived. There were a few times while he was in the NICU that he coded. I remember praying during those first few weeks if Tyler wasn't going to survive, please take him now before I get attached to him. Thankfully we have a healthy little boy whom I LOVE SO MUCH!

When Katie was born it was still a scary time. She wasn't in as bad of shape as Tyler was but still a critical time. I offered the same prayer, if she wasn't going to survive, please take her now before I get attached to her. We have a healthy little girl whom I LOVE SO MUCH!

I have a wonderful husband and I can't image my life without him. I LOVE HIM TOO! Luckily for us we too have an eternal family. We have made covenants with Heavenly Father in the House of the Lord. If we honor our covenants, we are promised we will be together forever.

Life is PRECIOUS!!!
We can't take our loved ones for granted!
This life truly is the time to prepare to meet God.

Remember those who matter most in your life and let them know how you feel. Don't be afraid to let them know you love them, you appreciate them. You might not get a second chance.

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Mesa Arizona Temple