Friday, December 26, 2008

Let it Snow!

This was the 1st time Tyler saw it snow fall.

Snow falling

The next morning.

So when was the last time it snowed in Sanchez, Arizona....well, my dad said 2 years ago but I wasn't here so I will say I can't remember. So here are a couple of pictures of the most recent snow that didn't stick.
I think someone is trying to break us in and say welcome to Colorado.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Congratulations Brad

On Friday, Brad GRADUATED! YEAH!!! He is an official
alumni of ASU. It was a great graduation. (because brad graduated)
He graduated with a bachelor degree in
Computer Sys
tems Engineering.
He is now prepared to enter
the work world and conquer all.
Ira Fulton, whose name the engineering department is named after,
spoke at the graduation.
He once said:

"Our future
Lies in our ability to dream.
What we dream
We can create;
What we create,
We can become."
~Dr Ira A Fulton

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas came a little early

Christmas came a few days early this early thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Bastian. They came for Brad's graduation so we opened some presents early. Tyler got a Smart-Cycle. Ever since he opened the present he has wanted to play with it. He finally got his wish today. As Brad was putting it together these are some of the questions Tyler was asking:
Where's my MOTORBICYCLE? A motor cycle has always been called a motorbicyle by tyler. its his new invention
Are those my pedals?
What are these?
Is this pedal for my bike?
Is this going to make loud noises?
Is this a....I don't know what these are?
Is it a key?
What are those?
Does it go right here?

Brad's response....
I don't know. Don't touch those. Can you help mom.
I don't know. I don't know.
and it continues on.

Christmas Atire

So I still think I have the cutest kids in the world. You may not agree with me
and that is okay. I still know the truth that you
think yours are cuter but you
have to say that. So with that being said take a look at these faces.

Now tell me those aren't the cutest kids in the world.

Tyler's Fall

Last night while at Reed's house (Brad's brother), Tyler was walking down the stairs and about the 4th to the bottom, he came crashing down. Don't know what happened but he cried and cried. Then we realized he had cut his forehead. I felt so bad for him.

This was taken the day after. It seemed to close fairly well.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cute Kids

Look at that HAIR! I never thought Katie
had any hair until this picture.
She is one cute little girl...
okay so I am a little biased.

She has that sexy look over the shoulder.
They sure do learn young.

Tyler has his cute smile accompanied by an OREO face.
Gotta love those OREOS!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tyler's Christmas'

Look at how Tyler has changed over the years and grown to LOVE Santa Claus. He was such a small little baby for his 1st Christmas.

2005, Tyler just hangin' around

2006, He put something on my shirt

2007, Why won't my daddy save me?

2008, Can I have a yo yo for Christmas?

Katie is wondering, When will this be over?

Christmas Tree

This year we decided to get a small tree since we wouldn't be here for Christmas. Tyler was so EXCITED to decorate it. We picked out our tree, set it up, put the lights on and then Tyler decorated our tree. He would put the ornament on a limb and it would fall off. That happened several times. I think his favorite was putting the star on top of the tree. When he talks about our tree he talks about the STAR. We had a great time. Every time we come home, Tyler wants the lights from the tree turned on. I think he is really going to enjoy Christmas this year.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Katie ate her 1st bowl of oatmeal cereal this morning for breakfast. We have tried in the past but she wasn't interested. Today, she kept opening her mouth to eat! YEAH!!!! Hopefully she won't be like Tyler and will eat her food. We are hoping that we are getting closer to removing her feeding tube. We discovered her reflux medications were not strong enough for her and she was throwing everything up. We have changed it and she is eating better and hasn't thrown up yet. Lets keep our fingers crossed that was the problem. Now if we could only get her to gain more weight. Hopefully with the cereal she will start to put more weight on and start looking more like a 7 month old instead of a 4 month old. Either way we are really excited to see her progress.
She rolled over the on November 25th for the 1st time. Her tummy time is getting better. She doesn't mind it so much anymore and actually is pushing up on her arms and holding her head up. One step at a time right....
The trials preemie babies go through are so amazing. The smallest things we take for granted are sometimes so hard for them.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Katie's Blessing Day

We decided to bless Katie the day after my parents 50th wedding anniversary party back in September. I know this is a late post but I just got the pictures from it.
Brad did such a great job. He gave a beautiful blessing to our precious little girl.
The power of the Priesthood is very real.
Katie's beautiful dress was made by my good friend Stephanie. She did a great job and I thought Katie looked great. Thanks Stephanie.

Monday, December 1, 2008

We're Moving

Yes! You did read that correctly. We are moving and we are moving far away. We are moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Brad has been offered a job at Progressive Insurance as an IT Applications Programmer. We are very thankful he has a job, but at the same time sad to leave so many memories and friends behind. Brad will be leaving the end of December, and the kids and I will join him mid February.
You are all welcome to come and visit us as we would love some company.

Mesa Arizona Temple

Mesa Arizona Temple