Sunday, December 7, 2008


Katie ate her 1st bowl of oatmeal cereal this morning for breakfast. We have tried in the past but she wasn't interested. Today, she kept opening her mouth to eat! YEAH!!!! Hopefully she won't be like Tyler and will eat her food. We are hoping that we are getting closer to removing her feeding tube. We discovered her reflux medications were not strong enough for her and she was throwing everything up. We have changed it and she is eating better and hasn't thrown up yet. Lets keep our fingers crossed that was the problem. Now if we could only get her to gain more weight. Hopefully with the cereal she will start to put more weight on and start looking more like a 7 month old instead of a 4 month old. Either way we are really excited to see her progress.
She rolled over the on November 25th for the 1st time. Her tummy time is getting better. She doesn't mind it so much anymore and actually is pushing up on her arms and holding her head up. One step at a time right....
The trials preemie babies go through are so amazing. The smallest things we take for granted are sometimes so hard for them.

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sheralyn said...

Great Job, Katie! Keep it up big girl!! :)

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