Monday, December 1, 2008

We're Moving

Yes! You did read that correctly. We are moving and we are moving far away. We are moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Brad has been offered a job at Progressive Insurance as an IT Applications Programmer. We are very thankful he has a job, but at the same time sad to leave so many memories and friends behind. Brad will be leaving the end of December, and the kids and I will join him mid February.
You are all welcome to come and visit us as we would love some company.


sheralyn said...

OH MY GOSH! NO!!! What am I going to do without my Tyler and Katie?! Congrats to Brad, though...what an incredible opportunity :) We'll definitely keep in touch!

Alyse & Jason said...

Ah! We are happy for you guys! That's so far! Good luck and let's keep in touch!

Millie Motts said...

How exciting for you all! I really like Colorado and hope that it will be a great experience for you.


natesgirl3 said...

Hey not sure if you remember me... I primaried Katie for like 3 weeks before I Colorado!!! I found your blog through some other nurses that worked at Desert. she looks great and Tyler is adorable. Congrats on the job and I promise you will love Colorado!
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