Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tyler's Christmas'

Look at how Tyler has changed over the years and grown to LOVE Santa Claus. He was such a small little baby for his 1st Christmas.

2005, Tyler just hangin' around

2006, He put something on my shirt

2007, Why won't my daddy save me?

2008, Can I have a yo yo for Christmas?

Katie is wondering, When will this be over?


Ames said...

Those pictures are great!! I am so glad you guys have a blog. It is nice to be able to see what is going on with you. Merry Christmas

alexisandkyle said...

I can't believe you put him in a stocking and hung him on the wall!!! That's hilarious!!! I'm so glad Katie looks like she is enjoying herself :)

Marni said...

What a long road Tyler has had in 3years! He is such a blessing to all of us! A yo-yo from Santa... that's easy! :)

~Tammy~ said...

I LOVE your little Christmas Pics!! The Stocking one is that a thumb tack?! LOL!!

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