Monday, June 22, 2009

Learning how

I am trying to learn how to take pictures. I just got a new lens and went experimenting with it today. I am posting some pictures that I thought were decent....let me know what you think.
None of them have been touched up yet so take that into consideration.

My cute little man.

I think they are adorable.

She loves her hands.

Brad took this one. I know it is the best.

She is learning how to walk.

The city museum.

So any comments would help. Be as harsh as you need to because I seriously don't know what I am doing.
Here is my question....looking at the pictures they look in focus, but when you enlarge them, they are blurry or a lot of do you fix that problem???


Kristin said...

I think you have great angles. The only thing with the focus/pixels is maybe you aren't using the highest quality jpeg setting on your camera. What lens did you get?

Photography By Jo said...

yes it could be the image size (try a higher jpeg or shoot in raw) or you might be zooming into the image too far... zoom in to the actual pixels and not any further. When I clicked on them they looked fine to me. :D Great job! and yes what lens did you get???!

Bastian Family said...

i got 50mm f/1.8 cannon. it is strange to not zoom in. the subject is right there. i think i am going to have fun playing with this lens and ps the pictures.

Photography By Jo said...

That's wonderful. I love the shallow depth of field you get from having such a wide aperture.

The Special K's(0: said...

Jo said it. Raw takes up LOTS of room, but is way way cool. You can blow raw shots up massive without any loss of clarity. It totally rocks. If you can't do raw it a higher resolution if you can. The pictures look awesome! Sooo so cute(0:

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