Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Christmas break

I love being in Arizona in the winter time. I love that the weather is warm, there is NO snow and you don't need to wear a jacket. I think my kids really loved it too.
My cousins own this fantastic looking truck. They were kind enough to let us play around on it a bit. I absolutely LOVE the colors of this mack truck. I think my kiddos were made for the country life, especially Tyler. He loves to be outside every chance he gets. And to be where he can throw rocks, play in the dirt, climb around trucks and tractors....he LOVED it!

My dad was a cotton farmer up until he retired a few years ago. That module of cotton is worth a couple of thousand dollars. Tyler and Katie loved being able to experience the farming life.

Back over at the barn, we took advantage of the cloudy sky and wandered around and took a few pictures. My dad gave Tyler a couple of cotton-picker spindles and Tyler thought he was in HEAVEN!

This is my favorite picture. Tyler and Katie with their grandparents. I hope to be able to get a picture with Tyler and Katie and Brad's parents. I really want my kids to know who their grandparents are and learn from some of their experiences. I loved hanging out with my grandparents. They really played an important role in my life. I really miss them.

These next few pictures were taken Sunday morning before church. Katie is a little ham.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I know we did.


Kristyn said...

Great shots, as always!

And if you guys come out to D-land we would LOVE to see you! We're about 3 hours north of there, but we would gladly drive down and try to meet you somewhere or something. Let me know when you guys plan it!

McMemories said...

Cute pictures! Glad you had a great christmas:)

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