Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First posting

Hello all,

This is our first blog. It will probably take some time to get it adjusted right. At least we have a place to post some pictures and let you know how we are doing. Hope you enjoy it.

~Brad & Tricia

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Ashlie n Jonathan said...

Tricia....could I possibly have scrolled your entire blog?!! It was so fun! You have BEAUTIFUL children! Wow! What miracles! You are my hero! I am pretty sure I couldn't have handled everything you went through. You are amazing and patient. Congrats on all the accomplishments. All the pictures are so sweet and fun. My heart went out to you through the stories of your struggles. I am amazed at how upbeat you are through everything. What a good example. I am glad to see all is going well and your children are healthy. They look SO SO SO happy all the time. I can tell you are a SUPER duper Mommy!!!!! It is so good to be in touch! Thanks for sharing your blog! I have to run...but I will be back!!!!! Have a great day! Hugs!

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