Saturday, October 4, 2008

Little Princess

Katie continues to grow and get bigger every day. At her weekly weight check she weighed 9 lbs 13 oz. She has gained 3 lbs in 2 months. We hope she will soon eat all her feeds from a bottle so we can get rid of the NG tube. During the day, she is able to come off her oxygen. She is a very cute baby when there is nothing on her face. She has the cutest smile.


Ames said...

Trish- I think about you and your family so often. I have been wondering how your little Katie is doing. I am so glad she is home with you now. We have a blog Its good to hear from you and I will be sure to keep in touch.

Gerry Bastian said...

The Provo Bastians think of you often and pray for you.

We forward your e-mails to the 8 cousins in/on our branch of the Bastian tribe.

Gerry and Lewis

sheralyn said...

She looks so good! Time to get rid of that feeding tube, Katie!! :) Love to you all!

Alyse & Jason said...

Happy to we can keep up with each other on our blogs! Love, us

alexisandkyle said...

I can't believe how big Katie has grown!! I am glad she is doing ok. I am glad you have a blog as well! Keep in touch!! Alexis

Todd and Wende said...

Welcome to blogging! She is SO big and Tyler looks like an awesome big brother! You can check out our blog if you'd like, it's I'm glad you guys have one to keep us posted!

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