Monday, August 31, 2009

Tyler's Surgery

Today Tyler had surgery on his trach area to correct the scar left from his trach.

The surgery was a success and we didn't have to stay in the hospital overnight which made the day even better. Tyler was a trooper and did a great! When June, our favorite surgery nurse from PCH came to get Tyler, he went with no problems. About 45 minutes later, Dr Schraff came back with great news. He said Tyler's airway is growing. Last January his airway measure 4.0, today it was 4.5 with leakage around the tube. We are so pleased his airway is growing despite him not gaining any weight.

He currently has steri-strips on the incision. They should fall off in a couple of days and then we will see the results. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

We did learn that his vocal chords are not working as well as they should. They are vibrating when he talks but not coming together all the way. Dr Schraff said we could go to Cincinnati's Childrens Hospital to their Vocal Center and have him evaluated to see if this is something he is going to outgrow or if he needs surgery to correct the problem. When people meet Tyler they always ask if he is whispering. Unfortunately his voice doesn't work very well but he no longer has a trach so I think I will take the quiet voice for now. We will see if Cincinnati is an option for us. We are just thankful we have a healthy little boy. He truly is our miracle baby #1.

This is the scar from his trach, I know it doesn't look bad but the scar tissue was pulling it inward.

Happy little boy before surgery.

This is his new friend Mr Penguin. We always got a new stuffed animal when we go to the hospital.

This is post surgery, in recovery

My brave little man

Popsicle time in recovery


Photography By Jo said...

I'm glad it went well. My favorite part about getting surgery when I was little was the ice cream afterward. It's about the only thing I remember from it.

Carley Jo said...

what a trooper! how's your az trip?

Stef and Bry said...

What a brave boy you have!! And an even stronger mommy. I couldn't stand it...having them wheel my baby somewhere without me...sniffles. Kuddos to you!

Whipple's said...

Wow the scar looks great...glad the whole ordeal went postive for ya guys...

Ali said...

So glad that it went well and he's doing good.. We stinkin miss you guys though hurry and come back-- I want to see all the awesome pics you took.

sheralyn said...

wow, smiling and everything in recovery...what a brave little boy! glad i got to see ya'll briefly while you were here :) and i'm so happy all went you all!

Anonymous said...

What a trooper he is! I was SO GREAT to see you guys again last Sunday! I do miss having Tyler in class. He always makes me day so BRIGHT! :)
I hope you guys are doing WONDERFUL! Hope we run into each other again before I leave!

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