Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AZ Trip

We were able to go back to Arizona to visit for a couple of days. I was a little concerned we wouldn't have any sun because of all the rain they had been getting, but to our luck, it was sunny the entire time. We had beautiful weather. It was between 65-75 degrees. Every day Tyler would tell me, "mom I want one of those shirts that come up to here" (meaning a short sleeve shirt).
We were able to visit friends and family. We relaxed and had a great time. Brad went golfing with his dad and brother for 2 days and loved it. A nice vacation for him. I spent time with friends and family. We ate at our favorite places including Steve's Crazy Sub....the best sub sandwich ever.
After a couple of days in Mesa, we went to Safford to see more family and friends. The weather continued to cooperate with us and it was wonderful. I think there was more snow in Arizona in the mountains than there is here in Colorado Springs. While we were in Safford, my mom and I canned for 2 days. We did 40 lbs of chicken, 20 lbs of pork, 12 lbs of beef and a bunch of pinto beans. We ended up with 96 jars, quarts and pints. Nice food storage!
Here are a few pictures of our trip, mostly family.

Tyler and grandpa's tractor. This is his favorite place to play.

Katie and Tyler love to wear other people's shoes. Don't you love Katie's smile :)

We ventured out to Discovery Park. This is what we met at the end of the sidewalk before you enter the building. Luckily for us, he was rattling his little tail otherwise we would have been struck because we were to busy looking at our surroundings instead of the sidewalk. He was literally in the middle of the side walk ready to strike. The guy who works at Discovery Park let the rattlesnake go instead of killing it. What was he thinking?

This little snake was about 3 1/2 feet long.

We were able to meet up with cousins at the park. We stopped to let Tyler and Katie play and Emily and kids showed up. It was a pleasant surprise and nice for the cousins to be able to play together. I love how Cord and Emily's kids take care of Tyler and Katie. They really look out for them and make sure they are having a good time.

Katie and Cade

Cute sisters, Bethany and Savanna

Savanna, isn't she so cute

Cade, Aleesha, Savanna Tyler, Bethany, Shawn, Katie

Katie & Shawn

Tyler and King watching over King's Kingdom

A look at Mt Graham

Katie and her beautiful smile (sarcasm)

This is one of the things I miss about Arizona....

I am so glad we had the opportunity to go. I can't wait to go again. Our next big adventure to Arizona will be the open house of the Gila Valley Temple. I am so excited! Hope to see more family and friends.


Elena said...

I can't believe how fast your kids are growing!! They're so dang cute. I can see both you and Brad in them. Glad you're all doing well and had such a great trip. Miss you!

Whipple's said...

wow glad you were able to come back home to visit...the weather is nice for now...Safford is still basically the same except for a few new stores, but Mt. Graham is always beautiful to see come into view..love home

Stef said...

Trish, what fun! Always fun to go home, huh. Your kids are as cute as ever!! Hey, wait...you were supposed to stay with us...grummble...I forgot! Dang! Next time we will hook you up!

djclonts said...

It was so nice to see you last week, we enjoyed your visit. I love the pics of AZ. Love, Aunt Joan

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