Thursday, February 16, 2012

Site Words

Tyler is working on site words in kindergarten right now. I want him to be successful and to be a great reader so we practice these words everyday. His teacher sends home 5 words. He practices them and if he feels he knows them well enough, he takes the list back to school and if he can tell them the words he moves on to the next list.
So I thought I would help him out. I have made flash cards with a lot of words on them. I have lamented them. When the list is sent home I pull those words, write the list number on the back and we practice them, in different orders.
I have put the list on our word wall. When he passes off a list, it gets taped to the wall. Also, when Tyler passes off his words, he gets a star next to that word.
We also have letters with magnets on an oil pan. This way he can see the letters, move them around to spell words but also be able to write them. I wanted to buy a white board but they are really expensive. I found this oil pan at walmart for under $10.
The vowels are red and consonants are blue. I have several sets of these letters in case we lose them or if he needs more for his word he is trying to spell.
After we have practiced his words I send him to the board, give him the word, have him spell it with the magnet letters and then write it out. I feel he will hopefully be able to learn them better. He can see them and write them. Also, this will help prepare him for spelling tests in the future.
This oil pan is also great for drawing on. This is Tyler and Katie's famous art work. They love to spell words. Katie will ask how to spell a word and then she finds the letters.

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Walt and Julie Johnson said...

Love it! I saw the oil pan idea on Pinterest, but Wal-mart sells them for way less it sounds like. Do you use white board markers? Do they just wipe off?

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