Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tyler ready for church, styling boy
Cute Katie

The day we went home from the NICU with nurse Edyta.

After spending 100 days in the NICU, Katie came home on August 4th weighing 6 lbs 13 oz. Her original due date was July 27th. We are so thankful to the nurses, doctors, nnp's, rt's, speech, and everyone involved in her life. You took such great care of her and us as a family. We feel very privileged to have had such great care. THANK YOU!
Just as Tyler was starting to sleep through the night, we welcome a new baby into our lives to keep us up at night once again. She is clock work, up every three hours. Life has been wonderful since Katie has come home. We have been able to spend time together as a family and discover a whole new world. I start back to work tomorrow so once again it will be an adjustment period for us but I am sure we will manage just fine. Brad will have the kids in the morning, bring them to me in the afternoon at work and I will bring them home while he goes to school. Our schedules seem to have worked out really well.

Tyler is going to preschool 2 days a week and loves every minute of it. He comes home singing songs and tells us all the things he learned that day. He got his trach out in February and has not stopped talking since. I admit there are some days I wish he still had his trach. He says when he grows up he wants to be a doctor. Wouldn't it be interesting if he did become and doctor and specialized in Neonatology or and ENT.

Brad is in his last semester at ASU. We (probably more me) can't wait! We have thought about moving away from Mesa to experience some place new and then when Tyler starts Kindergarten, move back here, settle in and make this home. Just a thought we have had. We will see what lays in store for us once he graduates and gets a job. I can't wait to be a full time mom. I have enjoyed these last 7 weeks becoming acquainted with my children once again. I will be sad to not be with them all the time.

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