Tuesday, January 13, 2009

learning to sit up

she doesn't look very happy

so this is my way of helping katie learn how to sit up. it may not be the best or the smartest but at least she won't get hurt and she is learning a very tiny amount of balance. i figure she can also learn how to reach for her toys since she doesn't do that either.
she is very funny. she only knows how to roll from her back to her stomach and she can only roll to the right. she doesn't know how to roll to the left or from her stomach to back so once she gets on her stomach and she is tired of it she starts screaming until either i move her or she just buries her face in the blanket. someday she will learn right?

now she is screaming....save me mom!

1 comment:

Carley Jo said...

She has the cutest smile! That's really a clever idea!

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