Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Missing Brad

Just random thoughts.
I am missing Brad tremendously! See, he is in Colorado and the kids and I are here in Mesa. It is quickly becoming a reality check that we are moving soon. Next week will be my last week of work and after that we will be packing, cleaning, and moving there. He has been looking at houses and thinks he has found one for us. I am not good at change, in fact I don't think I do well with it at all. I know once I get there things will be fine but just the process of it....I am not looking forward to it at all. Tyler really misses his dad. He seems really sad and most of the time won't talk to him on the phone. It will be an adjustment time for all of us. I do have to say the tears don't come as often as they have the past few days. My mom has been staying with me and the kids so I can work and she takes care of the sick babies. Thanks mom!
Cherish every moment with your spouse and kids too.


Carley Jo said...

I hope the move isn't too hard on you. We'll miss you so much!

Kristyn said...

Oh, I hear ya sister! It's really hard to move. We're about to be in the same boat as you actually. I have no wise words for you. I guess there really is a season for everything, and this is your new season in life. But change is hard. It's so hard to leave ward friends, neighbors, everything you know and love, and then just go to another state. I try to stay super busy when I can feel myself getting down about it. Hang in there Trish! And the people in Colorado are going to LOVE you guys, just like we did, and you are going to meet some awesome people, I just know it.

Kristin said...

I know you're not liking the idea too much, but you will be fine. Colorado is beautiful and there's a really fun zoo not too far from Colorado Springs and the one in Denver. I'm still excited for you. Maybe it's because I'm not with you and there's more chance of me visiting you in Colorado. It will be a great adventure!

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