Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Garden

Tyler and I started our little garden today. It is still to cold to plant outside, so we decided to start it in the house and maybe get a jump start. I thought it would be fun to paint the pots, this lets Tyler help but also helps him paint a MASTERPIECE.
He really enjoyed painting and it was whatever he wanted.

He started with the color GREEN

He moved on to YELLOW, RED & BLUE

He really enjoyed painting his hands, I think more than anything

We waited for the pots to dry and then we put the soil in our pots

This is after Tyler planted his flowers

VOILA! Our little garden.

We will be adding to our garden. We have 2 kinds of flowers planted right now along with PUMPKINS and BEANS. We will see how they grow. If nothing else, Tyler and I had a great afternoon together.


sheralyn said...

oh my gosh...absolutely adorable!

Just K said...

What is it with kids painting their hands? I shouldn't even bother putting paper out anymore. Tyler is such a little doll, what a cute boy. Enjoy the beans, they are tasty.

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