Thursday, October 8, 2009

What do you call it?

Will we ever get rid of that thing.....yes I am referring to the
What do you call it?
We let Tyler keep his til he was almost 3. The only reason we did was because of all the surgeries he was having on his trach. I think within a week of him having the trach removed, it was gone and it wasn't hard for him either. He really just chewed on it.
Katie on the other hand, if she sees it she wants it. I think I have gotten her to only use it during naps and night-time. Hopefully soon it will be gone but I just don't have the will power or courage to take it away right now.

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Two kids pretending to be grown-ups... said...

in my house we call it the plug :-)

elora is the same if she sees it she wants it, but needs it during nap time and bed time for sure. as for taking it away if she has that strong of a sucking reflex she may turn into a thumb sucker if you take it away (maybe you prefer that, some do). or who knows she may just get use to going with out. the "professionals" say the sucking instinct in most kids goes away around a year and isn't katie about 15 months gestationally (still in the window of it disappearing)?

pray that elora's sucking reflex disappears so, i WON'T have this conversation when she's 5!! GOOD LUCK!!

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