Friday, September 23, 2011

1st Time Camping

We took the kids camping to Estes Park. It was the 1st time they have gone camping and they loved it! The best thing about camping for them was the fire. Tyler and Katie LOVED the fire! We had a hard time starting the fire because it was raining and wet. We finally got it started and it was nice to be able to sit around the fire together.
Tyler and Katie loved roasting the marshmallows and cooking hot dogs over the fire. They asked if we could do it again. So maybe next summer we can do it again.

The next morning we drove into town and this is what we saw....yup, an elk crossing the road. He had no cares in the world. He didn't even know there were cars around him.

We walked around a lake and it was beautiful! The sky was perfectly blue, the water had fish in it, the temperature was great. It was a nice day.

I love this picture! The sun was coming up, the rays from the sun, mixed with the smoke from the fire....I think it is amazing!

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