Saturday, September 24, 2011

Field Day

Tyler had Field Day at school. The entire school participates. They set up races and all the kids compete against each other. Everyone gets a ribbon. It is really fun to watch. All the kids love Timber, he is the school mascot. Katie wanted to follow him around everywhere.

The first race of the day for Tyler was the shoe throw. He got 2nd place in that event.
Then we moved on to the "sac race". That isn't Tyler's strong point, he ended up in 6th place. Better luck next year.
He ran the 40 yard dash. There are some fast kindergartners. I love the smile on his face!The run around the school. He did good. He got 3rd.
Receiving his ribbon
Tyler truly excelled in the long jump. He got 1st place. I guess the boy can hop.

Last was the go-cart race. He left the start line in a hurry. He ended up getting 2nd which is fantastic. His bike riding really helped him out on this race. He was determined to finish strong. Look at the look on his face. FOCUSED!
He had a great time. The weather was nice, a little windy but nice sun shine. I love being able to participate in Tyler's life, to be able to support him in his activities.

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