Friday, August 20, 2010

Family Fun

We had a fun family day with the Foster's, unfortunately for what ever reason, I didn't get any pictures of them.
We wend to Hammond's Candy Factory in Denver. They give free tours so we thought it would be fun to learn about how they make candy. It was a really neat tour and I wish I could remember what was said, however, I have a 2 year old that had other ideas.

When you first get there they give you a sample of some of the candy they have made.
Tyler's mouth was full.

This is some of the candy they make. I remember my grandma always had these little candies, or something similar to it.

They make tons of candy canes. Here is part of their workshop with the Candy Canes boxed and ready to go.

At the end of the tour you get to choose your own candy. I think Tyler and Katie were in heaven.

Hammond's has been open since 1920. Since it is their 90th anniversary, they are selling candy canes for 90 cents. YUMMY!

After the candy factory we went to the Denver Temple. It was right in the middle of the day so there were definitely shadows. I tried to take pictures in the shade. Some turned out. Tyler and Katie love to visit the temple grounds. Tyler especially loves to play in the fountain in front of the temple. It was a good day!

I have wanted to take a picture of the Denver Temple since we moved here but it never seemed to be the right time. I think it finally worked.

To learn more about Temples and their purpose go to:
Purpose of Temples

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Dave said...

Sweet temple pic's Trish... Great job!

Mesa Arizona Temple

Mesa Arizona Temple