Wednesday, September 15, 2010


What kid doesn't like to ride their bike? From the moment Tyler saw his bicycle at Christmas last year, he has been riding it all the time. Since we live in the snow, during the winter months he rode his bike in the house from the hallway, to the living room into the kitchen. As it finally warmed up he was able to go outside. We have never let him ride in the street because, well, it is dangerous and sometime he has a hard time starting. This particular day, Brad and Tyler had a race and guess who won? YEP it was TYLER! We need more days like this where we just get to play and have a good time.
That is one happy little boy!

Like father like son.
I think my kiddos have the best dad in the world. He reads to them, plays with them, and lets them drive his car occasionally. They love when he is home. When they hear the garage door open, they are running to the back door to see their dad. I think I am pretty lucky too, to have such a great husband who completely spoils me.


Phil and Ronnie said...

Drive the car too! ;) Sounds like an awesome dad- I know Phil enjoys working with him with the YM! Such a fun outing- and great pics!

Kristyn said...

So adorable. Those are the best memories and the kinds your kids will remember forever. He is the best dad, and you guys are all so lucky! I bet you'll cherish these pics for a long time!

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