Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In the Army Now!

This past week we have all been sick. Katie had pneumonia, I have a horrible cough, Tyler had ear infections and Brad had a cold. We were suppose to go to AZ on Friday the 27th, but with all of us sick, we had to post-pone our trip until we felt better and were no longer contagious. On Saturday as all of us were in bed except for Tyler, this is what happened.

He is such a cute boy and now he has no hair. He was very excited about his new hair cut. He said he always wants his hair that short.


Stef said...

...and very cute! Yeah, that first shaving is always the hardest. We cut our boys hair pretty short. I like short hair!
Glad you all are feeling better. The flu just ran rampid through our house this week. Can't wait to get back into a schedule.

djclonts said...

I am so sorry that you did not get to AZ to see all of your family, have you made new plans to go? Love, Aunt Joan.

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