Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Time

Oh what do you do in the winter time
When all the world is white
Do you build a snowman
or throw some snowballs
or FREEZE your hiney off......
is that what you do
so do I.

It started snowing today. This is the 3rd storm we have had this season and probably the most snow we have received as well. The kids really wanted to go outside. I knew it wouldn't last long but they had fun for the 5 minutes they were out there.


Ali said...

Let's not even talk about freezing your hiney off it's suppose to get -10 here tonight ugh--- Looks like your kids got a fun new backyard toy- was that for Christmas?? We Miss you guys were constantly talking about playing cranium or wii and stuff-- wahhhh just move to Idaho it's really a great place to raise your kids :)

djclonts said...

I am glad someone likes to be in the snow. Cute kids. Love, Aunt Joan

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