Monday, December 6, 2010

Families are Forever

A friend of mine from high school recently lost her little boy to an accident. He was a happy little boy. Although I didn't know him, I could see how he enjoyed life to the fullest by the smile on his face, especially in his eyes. Dylan was 6 years old, just a year older than Tyler. Tonight as I was lying with Tyler it occurred to me Dylan's mom will not have the opportunity to tuck in her little boy again in this life. That idea pulls at my heart. I ache for her and her family. I mourn with them. But, at the same time, I am SOOO thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ which helps us to know we can be Families FOREVER! Through the sealing power we can be an eternal family, not just here in this life, but in the next life. The bond we share continues even beyond the grave. I can't imagine losing a child, it would be a one of if not the toughest trial to go through.
I am so thankful for my little family. I am thankful Brad and I have been sealed for eternity. I love him with all my heart. I am thankful for Tyler and Katie and for the sweet spirit they bring to our home.

I know, without a doubt the Gospel of Jesus Christ is TRUE! I know God lives. I know we have a Savior Jesus Christ who loves each of us and gave his life so that we will have the opportunity to be resurrected and live again. Our Savior loves us and he has a plan for us.

To Darylin, David and the rest of the Farar family. We love you! We pray you will have the strength and comfort needed to lift you every day.

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