Sunday, February 20, 2011


This is how I found Katie the other day. She went to her room upset and put herself in time out. Apparently it was to much for her and she feel asleep. I think this little girl is to smart for her own good.

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Kristyn said...

To answer your q about my new lens: I'll tell you a few more details since I know you'll understand and appreciate it. :) I got the 24-70mm f/2.8. I've had on long term loan from a family member a 18-55mm f/3.5 lens, which I basically hated. I needed another lens with a good mid-range zoom and lower f-stop. After emailing several people from blog's I had been blog stalking for a while I discovered a lot of people liked that lens. It was just what I needed too. I spent a lot of time reading reviews on a certain camera reviewing site that I can't remember the name of right now, but I can find it if you want, but the site is where legit photographers go and review products. I couldn't afford the Canon version, so my bro in law recommended the Sigma brand, and the reviews for that lens vs. the Canon were very similar, a lot of people said they tried both and couldn't tell a difference between the 2 brands. So I went and bought it. It was my ONLY Xmas gift, and part of my next bday gift as well. :)

Now that I have it I've realized (duh!) a lens does not automatically improve your pictures. I'm still trying to master f-stop, etc, and pretty much stink at working manual controls. But I'm working on it. Also, it's much heavier and bigger than I was expecting. I know I read it was going to be like that, but I was still surprised by the size. I actually don't like how intimidating it looks (as opposed to some reviewer on that one site who said he liked it for that reason; he said it instantly impressed people, I am not looking for that at all, anyway...) overall it's been a great lens for me. I was in love with my 50mm for so long, but am really hoping this will be my new love. So far I haven't used it as much as my 50 because it's soooo much bulkier (this has surprised and kind of disappointed me) but overall I'm still happy I have it and am using it more and more over time.

How's that for an answer?! Ha!

Ddo you have that lens too? Which lens has been your favorite?

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