Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cowgirl Katie

I think I have the cutest cowgirl around.
I was getting ready for a photo shoot this morning and Katie was my subject so I could get my lighting right. She showed up with Tyler's cowboy hat.
Isn't she so CUTE!!!


Ali said...

She's a doll :) I was organizing my scrapbook pages to print and had some pictures of her when we first met and she was just a little baby- it's crazy how fast they grow.

Walt and Julie Johnson said...

Yes, she is!!

Lempskies said...

I have a cute one of her in nursery I should email you sometime. She's wearing one of the leader's high heels. The picture quality is nothing like yours, but she's sure cute.

Stef said...

All she needs is a piece of straw on the side of her mouth and all those cowboys would be lined up. Who am I kidding...she already has them lined up. Too cute, Trish!

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