Monday, November 28, 2011


We spent Thanksgiving in Arizona. We had a great time. Brad and I celebrated our anniversary and we were able to spend time with family. We were expecting some warmer weather but it was chilly. We spent a day in Mesa at the Dr, Golfland and doing a photo shoot for a great friend.

We didn't do much, but the kids loved it. They love being at my parents house. They can roam free. They play in the dirt and rocks, jumping on the trampoline, playing with the dogs and this year we went shooting. Tyler even hit a couple of targets. He said it was the best day ever. I love when that little boy smiles.

We had a big turnout for Thanksgiving dinner, unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of everyone. We got a picture on Saturday but are missing a lot of people.

We took Tyler and Katie to this coral in town that has donkeys and Shelton ponies. They enjoyed petting them.

I love going home. There is nothing like it. It is comfortable and peaceful.

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Mesa Arizona Temple

Mesa Arizona Temple