Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mom Challenge: Week 5

This week's challenge is to find something that your child does that makes you proud - and celebrate.
Here are some examples:
  • Learning to tie their own shoes - get a fun colored pair of shoelaces
  • Doing their homework - surprise them with their favorite dinner
  • Putting away their toys - rent a movie from Red Box
  • Waking up on time for school (perfect for those of you with kids who either don't like to get up or high school kids!) - make a cake and write awesome job for waking up!
  • Spot your child reading - pick up a few new books
  • Paint an awesome picture at preschool - frame it and put it up
Write a note, bake something, take them to a movie, rent a movie, post a picture, pick up a favorite candy bar, let them have a Sprite with dinner (this is a big deal at our house!!) do something!  
(ideas from live a fabuless life)

Last week was a tough week.  It was to be positive.
Chores not being done, kids fighting, not going to sleep at night until 10 pm, fighting...did I mention that.  I will continue to work on being positive with the kids.  When they did do good hi-fives were definitely given.  Something for me to think about more.  Kids can always use more praise and a positive atmosphere.

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