Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mom Challenge: Week 2, SLOW DOWN

Week 1, Eat together as a family went great!  We almost always sit together and have dinner.  It is the only time we are all together and I love it.

Week 2 is SLOW DOWN!  We live in a very rushed society.  Everyone, including myself is always in a hurry to be here or there.  I always feel like there is something to do.  
This week, I have slowed down.  Granted we are on vacation at my parents house, we don't have anything pressing to do.  I have very much enjoyed this time with my kids.  We have been able to go swimming, play games together, sleep in :), and enjoy each other.  The kids even helped me make a cake for Ethan's 19th birthday.  Hopefully we will be able to spend more time with our cousins and maybe go 4 wheelin'.  Hopefully there will be pictures too.  I have not done good at documenting this trip to AZ.

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Mesa Arizona Temple