Sunday, February 1, 2009

Singin' Romeo

When Tyler was younger, Brad used to sing to him
at night to help him relax and calm down.
It was the only thing that seemed to work. The
only songs Brad knew were hymns so that is what he
sang to him.
Today on our way to church, we had Mormon Tabernacle Choir on.
The 1st song on the CD is
How Great Thou Art.
That was the song Brad would always sing
to Tyler. So as we are driving down the road
you could hear a little voice singing....
"how great thou art"
"then sings my soul"
"then through the woods"
It was the cutest ever.
Tyler loves to sing. He sings the Caillou song
and Dragon Tales.
Today he learned
"the wise men built his house upon the rock"
He said Elisabeth Goss taught him the song.
He is such a sweet little boy!


1 comment:

Carley Jo said...

That is so cute! How's the move coming along? Oh, by the way, Brad asked me to come babysit in Colorado. Just a heads up. :)

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