Friday, July 17, 2009


my kids are unique! i think that is the best words to describe them. i don't know if anyone's kids do this and i thought it was just a tyler thing but it isn't, katie does it too.
when my kids have their binkis in their mouths, they put something between the binki and their upper lip. check out these pictures.
katie usually takes her socks off or uses a blanket, tylers was always string.
i thought it might be because when they were in the nicu, being on the ventilator all the tape on their upper lip....i don't know. they are just strange but i love them.
does anyone else's kids do this????

katie loves to hang out with tyler. she wants to be everywhere he is and do everything he does. tyler doesn't appreciate it at all. he always says mom she is touching my stuff. get it from her. oh the sibling love. will they ever get along?


Juliana said...

My kids liked to put their finger in between their mouth and the bottle nipple or even nursing. Haha! Kids are funny!

Stef and Bry said...

Hmmm. My kids didn't do that. SOmetimes they would put two binkies in their mouths..Maybe mine just have big mouths. But it si cute when they do that kind of stuff

Two kids pretending to be grown-ups... said...

Mine can keep her pacifier in her mouth while sticking her tongue out at us and laughing (weird-o). But, nope doesn't stick her fingers in or anything else in between her mouth and pacifier. Gotta love kids!

sheralyn said...

Tyler is such a good big brother :) And I can't believe how big Katie is! What cuties :)

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