Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update on kids

We visited our new pulomonologist, Dr Vivek Balasubmariam (try saying that name 3 times fast) on Monday. He was very thorough. We spent about 3 hours there. He did chest x-rays to get a baseline on the kids since they are well. He said Tyler sounded good but since he has strider when he sleep and isn't gaining weight he wanted to do a sleep study just to see how he is at night which we said that was fine. With Katie, he said she sounded great and every now and then might need oxygen if she gets a cold because of her prematurity. So we were on our way.....

When we got home we had a message from Dr B to give him a call. The jist of the call was, in Tyler's x-ray in the upper right lung, he has bronchiectasis. Basically it is a condition in which damage to the airways causes them to widen and become flabby and scarred. It is usually caused by infection or some other condition which prevents the airway from clearing mucus. Each infection can cause more damage.

He isn't sure if this is from when he was intubated as a baby or if it is something new. So long story short, Tyler is going to be having a battery of tests to determine what is going on with him. The poor little boy. I feel so bad for him but you know through it all, he is still the happiest little boy I have ever seen.



Stef and Bry said...

Kids are so amazing. I can't believe what they can make it through. But, then again, your kids have a strong Mama.

Carley Jo said...

the things those littles ones go through! send tyler my best wishes. i hope he gets better very soon!!

sheralyn said...

he really is the happiest little boy, especially for everything he (and you guys) have been through. good luck with all of this...wish i could be there! miss you guys!

Brian and Susan plus 2 said...

Tyler is getting soooo big. Miss you guys too! No...I am not in YW again. The Bishop just called me and Brian to be in charge of Youth Conference this year. It was great!We have some wonderful youth in this ward and it does make me miss being in YW.

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