Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tyler's birthday

We had a great time on Tyler's Birthday. We went to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science or as Tyler calls it, the Dinosaur Museum. He loves to visit this place. He loves the the astronomy area where he can be an astronaut and of course the dinosaurs. We sometimes visit the rest of the area but for the most part, this is where we spend most of our time.

Tyler the astronaut.

At the dinosaur bones.

After the museum we went home and got ready for Tyler's party.

Look at those two cute kids. So I might be a little biased but I am allowed since I am their mom.

We decided to have a hamburger fry and cake. We invited the Fosters and my brother's family from Elizabeth. My nephew Morgan had just returned from his mission the day before. It turned out to be a great night.

P in the back yard

Singing happy birthday to Tyler

blowing out the candles

The happy birthday boy with his present.
We got him a razor and a spider-man helmet with elbow and knee guards.

Tyler wants to know when he can turn 4 again and have another party.


sheralyn said...

he is SO big...i know i say that a lot, but i just can't believe it. our little boy is no longer little! he's a little man for sure!! what a sweetie :)

Ashlie n Jonathan said...

Happy (late) birthday to Tyler! How fun! He has a heartbreaker smile! DARLING. What a happy lil guy!

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