Monday, May 14, 2012

Random posts, random pictures

During St Patrick's week, Tyler needed to make a leprechaun trap. This is what we came up with.  We went to hobby lobby and picked out some green paper and I think we had everything else.  We collected sticks from outside and hot glued them together for the ladder.  He put the shamrocks on it and voila you have a leprechaun trap.  Tyler said he didn't catch a leprechaun but several leprechauns made a big mess in their class room.  There were chairs on top of the tables, paper all over the floor, but he did leave a few treats for everyone.  That is one happy little boy.

Tyler and Katie have been playing pirates lately.  I needed to buy some bandanas for young women and they wanted one also.  They really enjoy wearing them, a lot!  Especially Tyler.  Sometimes he ties it around his head and goes to sleep that way.  Man I love those two little ones.  They play so well together and laugh constantly, if they aren't fighting.

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