Sunday, March 15, 2009

Denver Museum

On Saturday for our family adventure we went to the
Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
We had a great time!
They have wildlife, mummies, prehistoric journey,
space odyssey and a KIDS ZONE along with IMAX and
other kid friendly movies. Tyler ABSOLUTELY loved it and can't wait to go back.
I LOVE spending time with my family.
is adventure we are embarking
upon right now is great. We don't have to
worry about school projects
or working on the weekends. Who knew life could be so much FUN!
Tyler really wanted to see the dinosaurs and he got his wish.
I couldn't believe how big they were. It is amazing those
things existed on this earth. What would it have been like
to have lived here the same time they did???
This museum is full of so much information you could live there for days and days at a time and learn so much. I am
thankful for the chance we have to explore COLORADO and see what it has to offer our family.

Tyler's 1st encounter with a dinosaur.
He was so excited to explore.

Tyler and Brad at the BIG HORN SHEEP

Commander TYLER at the controls

The KOALA is my favorite animal.

Tyler always talks about the elk on Grandpa's wall, they had
a button you could push for the bugle call and he pushed it constantly.

Tyler now knows what it is like to listen like the deer.

Just hangin' around!

One tired little boy after a long day at the museum.

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