Monday, March 9, 2009


I have decided to start "preschool" with Tyler. I know he doesn't start for another year and 1/2 but it is never to early to start. I have decided we will practice the alphabet a lot. He needs help with his writing skills and so we will be doing a lot of tracing.

I also thought it is important to teach Tyler the
I don't know if they still teach this in school but the way
our country is headed I feel it is important to help
him understand the freedoms we now enjoy. I hope I
can help him understand how very blessed we are to
live in this free country.

Today we started with the letter A. He is making his own alphabet book and each day we will read a book associated with that letter.

This is good for the two of us because it gives us one on one time and also will hopefully help me with patience.

I am cutting out the letters of the alphabet and we will be posting them on his wall so in the end, he will have the entire alphabet on his wall that he can look at every day and become familiar with the letters. Hopefully soon he will start to recognize the letters.

Today for our project of coloring and gluing w
e made "AWESOME APPLE". Tyler said he needed a cape but I didn't make one....maybe next time.

I got this idea for Awesome Apple from

I think this is going to be a lot of fun. Definitely a challenge
but tons of fun and if nothing else, Tyler and I get to spend time together.

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Anonymous said...

I really love all the pre-school activities you two are doing :) I would love to join you if I was closer.

p.s. he does need a cape, heh

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