Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Happy St Patrick's Day!
Tonight we made sugar cookies to celebrate the day.
Can I just tell you it is very difficult to find a SHAMROCK cookie cutter on St Patrick's Day. I went to 3 different stores today looking for one and I called 2 more. Nobody had any. Then as LUCK would have it I found one at HOBBY LOBBY. It was the last one and I asked them
if they would hold it for me until I got there.
(They were so nice to hold it for me.)

We had a great time and TYLER especially loves to decorate the cookies. Really he just likes the sprinkles but it is all the same.
With the left over cookie dough we spelled TYLER'S name. He was pleased with that.
KATIE, she loves frosting. Probably shoul
dn't have shared it with her but she looked so cute with it and LOVED it!

He loves his sprinkles.

Katie loved the frosting! She smacked her lips and wanted more.

One side note about Katie, she is finally starting to use her pincher fingers. She actually fed herself some puffs today. I was so excited for her! She is really starting to make progress. She has come a long way.

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Carley Jo said...

That is so cute! I'm glad you all had so much fun!

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