Thursday, March 26, 2009


This morning when Katie woke up that poor little girl had the worst bed head ever. It is really hard to see in the picture because her hair is so light but
she looked pretty funny. She is starting to be a real "ham" when she is in
front of the camera. A little side note, Katie's first tooth broke thru yesterday. We are very excited for her. It is a sharp little thing and she uses it very well.

So happy so early in the morning.


Amy said...

what a sweetie

Marni said...

She is so cute! I miss you guys so much! We were in Colorado this last weekend, but we were in very south Colorado. I would have loved to visit and see your house! Colorado is a beautiful place! We were able to play in the snow up on the Grand Mesa. So fun!

sheralyn said...

absolutely adorable :) i miss you guys!

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