Saturday, March 21, 2009

Garden of the Gods

Today we ventured out to
It was a very windy day so we didn't get to do to much climbing
but we had a great time. Tyler ABSOLUTELY LOVES to be OUTSIDE!
I think if he could live outside he would.
We look forward to going back when there aren't as many people
and hopefully not as much wind.
It is a very beautiful place to visit.
It reminds me that Heavenly Father created this beautiful earth we live on.

Tyler, Brad and Katie
(Isn't he such a great dad to carry Katie around)

Tyler climbing around

Mom and Katie having a good laughing session

He has such a cheesy smile

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Todd and Wende said...

I can't believe how big Tyler and Katie are! And how much hair Katie is getting! Hope you guys are enjoying Denver, we love it there!

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